Lower you volumes! Sorry... music is a relatively important part here but it is quite loud.

GameDev.Tv 2022 Game Jam Submission "Death is Only the Beginning".

A man made a deal with the devil for musical talent, but the devil came to collect his soul before he got famous!

Traverse through each building in a town to get your music to play! Everything you need is in the same building, so dodge tje demons while you try to get your song playing on as many speakers as possible to become another musician who only gets famous after they've died.

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AuthorsRusty Lantern Games, Wandering_Penguin


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awww :( its actually really hard

any tips?


I'm sorry! Each demon really just moves between two points. Take a minute to track the pattern if you're having trouble. Some rooms (record player) are easier to just run in straight away. The demons eventually overlap in weird ways but will sort themselves out. A fun bug I didn't bother fixing is that at any point before you complete it or get kicked out you can leave a building and re-enter with full health (and any points you've already obtained). And since you re-spawn by the door any time you're hit, it's pretty easy to take advantage of. ;)